Nawae Construction specializes in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of maritime aids to navigation and other maritime safety solutions. 

Nawae has extensive experience in the Aids to Navigation field and is able to provide solutions for all requirements and all environments - from piled structures in pristine marine environments through to land based steel towers. The comapny also has in-house capacity to design and install a wide range of electronic maritime safety solutions - lanterns, solar and wind power supplies, coastal monitoring and surveillance systems, tide gauges and weather stations.

Nawae Construction is a active member of the Internal Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), and all its servics are deliered in compliance with the various IALA standards and recommendations.

Nawae is an official distributor and stockist of Sealite marine aids to navigation. S

ealite is the world's fastest growing manufacturer of marine aids to navigation and

 offer the widest range of solar-powered LED lanterns in the marketplace. The Sealite product has been extensively trialled and proven in the Pacific and is a reliable and cost effective option for marine aids to navigation in this region. A wide range of Sealite product is held on Nawae's premises, allowing quick mobilization to any part of the Pacific.